Essential Features for Journalists: Elevate Your Router Game with ZBT's Innovations

In the digital age, cybersecurity remains a paramount concern, particularly for journalists who rely on secure data transmission. The World Press Freedom Index of 2020 identifies five crises affecting journalism globally: geopolitical, technological, democratic, trust-related, and economic. These challenges underscore the critical need for robust cybersecurity measures in the field of journalism, amidst issues such as censorship, privacy laws, and the spread of misinformation.


Securing Your Data: 6 Vital Features for Journalistic Integrity


Journalists face unique cybersecurity challenges, necessitating routers equipped with advanced features to protect sensitive information and personal data. Here are six essential features every journalist should consider in their router:

1. VPN (Virtual Private Network):
A VPN encrypts all communication, ensuring the security and privacy of personal data and news materials during transmission. ZBT routers support over 30 VPN service providers, including no-log options like NordVPN and ExpressVPN, safeguarding against unauthorized access.

2. Portability and Travel-Readiness:
Ideal for journalists on the move, routers like Slate (GL-AR750S) and Mudi (GL-E750) are designed for portability. Honored with CES Innovation Awards, these routers are compact, lightweight, and equipped with features like OLED displays, 4G LTE connectivity, and power-saving modes—perfect for frequent travelers.

3. Pre-installed OpenWrt:
ZBT routers come with OpenWrt, a customizable Linux-based operating system favored for its security and stability, offering tailored solutions for diverse networking needs.

4. External Storage & File Sharing:
Essential for journalists carrying extensive data, routers such as Slate (GL-AR750S) and Mudi (GL-E750) feature MicroSD slots up to 128GB, facilitating local storage and seamless file sharing across devices.

5. Cloudflare DNS over TLS:
Enhancing privacy and security, DNS over TLS encrypts DNS queries, thwarting potential eavesdropping and manipulation, a feature available on both Slate and Mudi routers.

6. Tor Anonymity:
For anonymous browsing, Tor integration on ZBT routers ensures privacy and protection against surveillance, empowering journalists to access information freely and securely.



Choose ZBT: Empowering Journalistic Integrity


Elevate your cybersecurity with ZBT’s innovative routers—designed to meet the unique demands of journalists worldwide. Secure your data, maintain privacy, and stay connected seamlessly with our advanced networking solutions.

About The Author: Ruby Lo serves as a Digital Marketing Specialist at ZBT in Hong Kong, passionate about technology and cybersecurity. Connect with Ruby on LinkedIn for insights and updates.

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