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WG3526 Smart WiFi Wireless 4G Gigabit Router with SIM Card Slot
Sold: 25
Available: 75
Z2101AX-T 4G LTE 1800Mbps WIFI Mesh Router With Sim Card Slot
Sold: 36
Available: 64
WG259 4G LTE Wireless Cat4 Unlocked Router For Car RV Home
Sold: 58
Available: 42


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Well Made - Metal Construction

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High Quality 4G LTE Wireless Router

Pretty good 4G LTE wireless router. Comes with 4 antennas, just be sure to connect them in the right ports, two are for 4G and two are for 2.4 Ghz bands. Also comes with an ethernet cable if needed to hard wire any devices. There's also SIM card adapters, I had to use it for my nano SIM. Perfect for when I go on vacation!


Solid and Dependable ... for The Right Use Cases

I bought this device for a very specific use case: to extend wifi access to some home automation devices on the periphery of my house. I had a spare SIM card for my Rogers network, popped it in, and got the device working very quickly and easily.

Mike Milinkovich