Support for Firmware Version 2.x Concludes on September 10, 2020

To enhance the customer experience, we urge all users to upgrade to Firmware Version 3.x, including those with discontinued products (ZBT-MT300N & ZBT-MT300A). Support for Firmware Version 2.x will end on September 10, 2020. While users of Version 2.x will still access most router services, the following issues may arise:

1. Package installation via the Admin Panel will be disabled, though existing packages remain unaffected.
2. New versions cannot be accessed or downloaded through the Admin Panel. Manual downloads are available [here](#).
3. The DDNS function will be unavailable.



Advantages of Firmware Version 3.x


1. User-Friendly and Responsive Interfaces
- Enhanced UI for seamless interaction.

2. Pre-Installed Real & Free Dynamic DNS
- Improved dynamic DNS capabilities.

3. Free Cloud Control via Smartphone Apps
- Manage your network effortlessly with mobile applications.

4. Revamped OpenVPN and WireGuard Interfaces
- Streamlined VPN interfaces for better security management.

5. DNS Encryption via TLS
- Secure your DNS queries with TLS encryption.

6. Internet Kill Switch and VPN Policies
- Advanced features for maintaining secure internet connections.

We strongly recommend updating to Firmware Version 3.x to avoid these limitations. For those preferring to continue with Version 2.x, please refer to this document for further guidance. Should you encounter any issues during the upgrade process, contact our Support Team at

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