Bridging the Digital Divide: ZBT's Cirrus Revolutionizes Rural Internet Connectivity

Accessing high-speed Internet remains a significant challenge in rural America, where 24% of residents face connectivity issues compared to only 13% in urban areas, according to Pew Research Center. This digital divide has been further magnified during the COVID-19 pandemic, highlighting the critical need for reliable Internet solutions for remote workers and residents alike.



Introducing Cirrus: ZBT's Cutting-Edge Rural WiFi Solution


ZBT offers a compelling solution with Cirrus (GL-AP1300LTE), a state-of-the-art ceiling wireless access point equipped with an integrated 4G LTE module. Designed to empower users in remote areas, Cirrus serves as an ideal IoT gateway for smart homes, supporting seamless connectivity for over 100 devices simultaneously without compromising speed or reliability. Key features include:

1. Comprehensive VPN Support: Security is paramount. Cirrus facilitates secure browsing with support for over 30 leading commercial VPN services, safeguarding personal data and ensuring anonymous online activities. Whether accessing sensitive information or streaming media from international sources, Cirrus protects your privacy with encrypted connections.

2. Built-in 4G LTE Module: Overcoming connectivity challenges, Cirrus ensures uninterrupted Internet access by seamlessly transitioning to a 4G LTE network during Ethernet failures. This capability not only sustains connectivity but also enhances accessibility to online services and entertainment, crucial for rural residents dependent on consistent Internet access.



Secure Your Rural Connectivity Today


Don’t settle for unreliable Internet connections. Pre-order Cirrus today and enjoy a special discount to secure your access to high-speed Internet in rural areas.

About The Author: Ruby Lo serves as a Digital Marketing Specialist at ZBT, based in Hong Kong. With a passion for technology and cybersecurity, Ruby shares insights to empower visitors with cutting-edge networking solutions. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

About ZBT: ZBT specializes in OEM/ODM network hardware and software solutions, providing secure and affordable connectivity solutions worldwide. Committed to excellence, ZBT prioritizes network security and reliability, addressing diverse connectivity needs across industries, from offices to smart buildings and IoT networks.