Essential Networking for Healthcare: Introducing ZBT's Enterprise-Level Access Point

Healthcare institutions, particularly hospitals and medical centers, demand robust and enduring equipment capable of withstanding the rigors of their environment. Often expected to operate flawlessly for years, if not decades, these devices must not only ensure reliability and security but also facilitate seamless access to critical network resources across multiple devices. Medical professionals worldwide are increasingly embracing digital technologies to manage reports, documents, and even facilitate patient-family video conferences.


Introducing Cirrus: ZBT's Premier Enterprise Access Point

Designed specifically for healthcare environments, ZBT's Cirrus (GL-AP1300LTE) is a cutting-edge ceiling access point featuring an integrated 4G LTE module. This enterprise-grade solution supports dual-band Wi-Fi, delivering speeds up to 400Mbps on 2.4GHz and 867Mbps on 5GHz frequencies. Ideal for deployment in hospitals and medical organizations, Cirrus offers:

1. Fail-Safe Cellular Networ: Hospitals cannot afford network downtime. Cirrus ensures continuous operation by seamlessly switching to 4G LTE in the event of Ethernet failure, thereby maintaining vital data transmission and connectivity. This capability extends healthcare services to rural areas, enhancing access to specialized medical resources.

2. High Customizability: Powered by the versatile OpenWrt operating system, Cirrus accommodates diverse technological needs within healthcare settings. It supports various CAT4 and CAT6 4G LTE modules, enabling extensive customization to meet specific operational requirements.

3. Enhanced Security: Security is paramount in healthcare. Cirrus integrates robust support for over 30 leading commercial VPN services like OpenVPN and WireGuard, safeguarding sensitive patient information and ensuring secure data transmission over both wireless and wired networks.

4. IoT Device Integration: Facilitating mobility and improving patient care, Cirrus boasts built-in support for IoT devices such as Bluetooth and Zigbee. This capability enhances communication between medical staff and patients while enabling seamless access to medical databases and assets.



Secure Your Healthcare Network Today


Experience the future of healthcare networking with Cirrus. Available for pre-order now, take advantage of our special offer to elevate your institution's connectivity and security infrastructure.

About The Author: Ruby Lo serves as a Digital Marketing Specialist at ZBT, based in Hong Kong. With a passion for technology and cybersecurity, Ruby shares insights to empower visitors with cutting-edge networking solutions. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

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