Z8102AX-S AX3000 Cat9 4G LTE Router with Dual SIM Card Slot Unlocked

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US Plug
Introducing the Z8102AX-S, a powerful AX3000 Cat9 4G LTE router with dual SIM card slot, now unlocked for your convenience. Stay connected with fast and reliable internet speeds wherever you go, without worrying about network availability or limitations. Stream, game, and work efficiently with the Z8102AX-S. Effortlessly stay connected with fast and reliable internet speeds wherever you go, thanks to the Z8102AX-S. Say goodbye to worrying about network availability or limitations - with this powerful AX3000 Cat9 4G LTE router and its dual SIM card slot, you can stream, game, and work with ease and efficiency.

Product Feature:

  • 【AX3000 WiFi 6】The standalone WiFi6 chip enables WiFi rates up to 3000Mbps. All full Gigabit ports allows the router to make the most of network speeds. Faster network ensures smoother streaming and faster downloads.
  • 【4G LTE Cat9】Insert a sim card and share 4G LTE network with the cellular router. The Cat9 module enables 4G download speeds of up to 450Mbps, three times faster than Cat4. Ideal for where wired broadband is unavailable like motorhome, suburban, rural area, vacation home...
  • 【Dual SIM】Dual SIM and WAN failover of the 4G LTE router keep the network always online. Allow to set the default priority of 4G network or wired broadband. Dual network backups keep your online entertainment learning or work uninterrupted.
  • 【Mesh】Mesh allows multiple Wiflyer routers to work together to cover your whole house. Switch seamlessly between WiFi signals of mesh routers. Bringing a smoother Internet experience.
  • 【Powerful Performance】Adopts MT7981B dual-core CPU with up to 1.3GHZ main frequency. Equipped with 1GB DDR4 and 128MB SPI NAND flash memory. Powerful hardware enables routers to process more data faster, thus providing higher network speeds and more functions.

Packing List:

1x 4G WiFi Router
1x DC power adapter
1x English User Manual

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US Plug