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Zhibotong new product WIFI6 router S600 will be appeared on the market soon

April 9, 2020

In your life, will you encounter such a situation?

1. There are many WiFi devices at home: multiple mobile phones, smart TVs, sweeping robots, smart speakers, PCs, smart door locks / cat's eyes, etc. The number of devices that need to be networked is ten or more, and there may be new smart homes that need to be connected in the future device.

2. Longing for a smoother application experience: Long data resource download time, game screen freezes or even circles, online video freezes, game skipping, etc. One or more problems have affected the fluency of PC and mobile application experience , So that you are full of expectations for a smoother application experience, even consumers who plan to upgrade their PCs or replace their phones.

3. Game accelerator buyers: Light gaming players who like to play games in their spare time and will get a smoother gaming experience by buying accelerators.

4. Value consumers of PC peripherals: Tired of stereotyped designs, hoping that routers can also become a member of home decoration elements, especially prefer the minimalist "face party".

In order to solve the network problems you may encounter, Zhibotong new WIFI6 is coming. Let's take a look at this WIFI6 router ZBT-S600.
ZBT-S600 adopts Qualcomm's IPQ8072A solution and 4-core ARM Cortex A53s @ 2.2 GHz processor. This network processor is the industry's leading WIFI6 SOC processor with stable and powerful performance.

S600 conforms to IEEE802.11n / g / b / a / ac / ax wireless network protocol, 2.4G WIFI supports 4x4Multi-user MIMO (MU-MIMO) 40MHz bandwidth, 5.8G WIFI supports 4x4 Multi-user MIMO (MU-MIMO) 80MHz bandwidth.

2.4GWIFI chip uses QCN5124 ; 5.8GWIFI chip uses QCN5154 , dual-band concurrent speed up to 3600Mbps, with 2.5Gbps network interface, further improve throughput.

Compared with WIFI5, WIFI6 can more easily cope with the access and response of a large number of devices, and high-speed transmission required for high-definition video and large-scale games.

From staying quietly in the corner of the home, working helplessly to becoming an element of home decoration, more and more routers are becoming an extension of people's home style and even the personality of users. As a high-end WIFI6 routing device, S600 uses a built-in integrated antenna The design, the shape adopts round elements, the whole machine looks more concise and beautiful.

At present, S600 is already in the stage of proofing and testing, and will be listed soon. Customers and friends are welcome to contact us to provide information and inquire about sending samples.