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Zhibotong 750M dual-band concurrent ceiling-mounted AP522


Latest company news about Zhibotong 750M dual-band concurrent ceiling-mounted AP522

AP522 ceiling-mounted AP is a ceiling-mounted high-coverage WiFi access product created by Zhibotong for the WLAN access business needs of hotels, enterprises, and villas.
Support IEEE802.11ac standard, provide wireless data transmission rate up to 750Mbps. Using dual-band concurrent technology to avoid interference, dual-band power amplifier, strong through the wall, to provide users with faster downloads, smoother video and online gaming experience, while integrating routers and wireless access points, providing very Convenient and comprehensive network management functions.
The device supports access control and MAC address filtering, supports wireless scheduling, IGMP Snooping function, multicast rate (Mbps), Preamble type, RTS threshold setting, DTIM interval, signal interval, TX Burst function, WMM APSDlatest company news about Zhibotong 750M dual-band concurrent ceiling-mounted AP522  0

AP522 can be directly installed on the ceiling
Does not affect the decoration style

Overall beauty


Strong performance
ZBT-AP522 adopts American Qualcomm (Qualcomm) QCA9531+QCA9887 program. The latest 802.11n/ac technology is backward compatible with the IEEE802.11b/g/ac standard, and the maximum wireless transmission rate is up to 750Mbps, bringing you a better Internet experience. The theoretical coverage of the wireless signal is greater than 50 meters in an open environment, and the theoretical capacity is 40 contacts.


Support PoE power supply
Support PoE power supply to ensure that users can achieve long-distance power supply without changing the original power network;
At the same time, it supports external 24V/1A DC power adapter input, which can meet the wiring needs of users in different environments.latest company news about Zhibotong 750M dual-band concurrent ceiling-mounted AP522  1

Supports two SSIDs
Supports two different SSIDs, one of which is a hidden SSID, and supports separate management of SSIDs, such as user connection number management.


High connection rate
AP522 adopts 5dbm large gain copper omnidirectional antenna, the highest wireless rate can reach 750Mbps.


System optimization management
For products in any position on the network, all working parameters such as channel number, power, SSID settings, etc., can control all online APs, including configuration parameters, restart upgrades, etc.
At the same time, it also supports access control for wireless terminal devices, such as limiting the number of access users and prohibiting access to specified MAC addresses.


Support POE networking
Therefore, in order to improve the Internet experience, the primary solution is the problem of insufficient routing coverage, unstable bridge signals, and insufficient speed. At this time, it is recommended that customers who want to improve the experience of using the network choose Zhibotong POE switch + AC gateway + wireless AP The way of networking.


Convenient management and maintenance
Fit mode, the "thin AP" mode, users can use the centralized configuration management of the gateway AC control, including AP alias, SSID, IP address, channel, password, upgrade, reset, restart, and client access restrictions, and other functions. Support the authentication and authorization functions of Wifi gateway series;
Support the system reset reset button. Press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds in the power-on state. After releasing, the device will return to the factory default configuration. The hidden reset design reduces network failures caused by human misoperation.

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