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ZBT 4G vehicles router is widely used in foreign RV projects

December 30, 2019

Product development background:

Cars are prone to incidents such as loss or damage of goods along the way, and drivers' illegal operations. Although many vehicles are currently equipped with GPS positioning systems, which can implement vehicle navigation and scheduling functions, they cannot monitor the entire process in real time. In the event of a safety accident, it is not possible to take effective measures to remedy in a timely manner.


By installing an on-board monitoring system on a freight vehicle, the above problems can be effectively solved. Compared with the currently widely used GPS system, the on-board monitoring system can not only track and record the geographic location of the vehicle, but also monitor and record the entire process of cargo transportation and loading and unloading to prevent cargo loss. With the 4G wireless monitoring system, managers and customers can understand the geographic location and transportation status of goods in real time through computers or mobile phones, provide customers with better services, and improve the competitiveness of logistics companies.

Zhibotong Vehicle 4G Routing WE1206 series products, equipped with Huawei 4G communication modules, have been widely used in foreign vehicle projects after years of accumulation. For example, we cooperated with the American Lippert Components RV company and Australian RV companies to install WE1206 products in On the RV, it provides 4G to WIFI signal service for the RV, which conveniently solves the problem of mobile network connection; provides customized WG259 vehicle routing equipment for the Nigerian government, installs 4G vehicle routers for all local bus systems, and monitors and 4G Switching to WIFI applications solves the passenger's need for wireless networking during the operation of the bus, and reduces hidden safety hazards during the operation of the bus.

Application direction:

1: Wireless bus networking system

The traditional bus industry has not adopted a video surveillance system, which cannot effectively resolve public security monitoring in buses, monitor passenger fare evasion and ticket stealing by drivers and passengers. Traffic accidents such as vehicle scratches or collisions occur during the operation of the vehicle, and the liability for the accident cannot be identified afterwards Moreover, the central supervisor can not grasp the operation status of the vehicle terminal subsystem in real time, and the bus vehicle operation is in the state of "invisible and inaudible" behind.

Bus monitoring point map

Bus monitoring network topology

Zhibotong WE1206 series products have the characteristics of high-speed vehicle domain network, strong data processing, and flexible development and expansion. They provide high-speed and secure networks for automobiles and transportation service vehicles to meet police vehicles, emergency command vehicles, engineering vehicles, medical vehicles, and logistics vehicles. Mobile high-speed network requirements, coupled with a cloud-based remote vehicle management platform, provide logistics network, asset tracking, mobile office, government security work everywhere and uninterrupted operation and supervision.


2: Wireless monitoring and networking system for logistics vehicles


With the increasing number of logistics vehicles, logistics companies need to remotely monitor the real-time location and image of the trucks in order to facilitate management and scheduling. After the relevant personnel of the monitoring and management center are authorized by the center management server, they can log on to the video service center platform through the Internet to monitor the real-time situation of each monitoring point in real time, and confirm the specific location of the vehicle for reasonable dispatch.

Logistics vehicle monitoring point map

Application objects: transportation vehicles such as tobacco, petroleum, drugs, food, beverages, etc., to prevent damage to the goods, theft, robbery, transfer of packages, and supervision of self-theft; package delivery vehicles of courier companies and post offices; transportation vehicles of various valuable goods and logistics companies. Various other freight cars

Logistics vehicle monitoring networking topology


3: Mobile law enforcement inspection and monitoring network

The vehicle-mounted wireless video surveillance system is applied in police patrols, highway patrols, emergency response and urban management administrative law enforcement, etc. It affects the patrol process of service vehicles and videos of accidents / transactions in the place where the incident occurred. The 4G vehicle routing WE1206 series products are uploaded to the back-end system via the operator's 4G network; the GPS module built in the WE1206 routing monitors the driving conditions of service vehicles in real time, vehicle positioning, and driving status monitoring, while standardizing vehicle behavior while ensuring service safety; With WE1206, it can be used as an AP access point or access terminal to achieve fast data transmission on the spot wireless network.

Mobile law enforcement inspection and monitoring network topology



For many years, Huawei has established a stable partnership with Zhibotong Electronics with its high quality and high stability 4G communication module products.

Huawei has been working on the communication module for more than ten years. Since 2003, Huawei has provided 3G and 4G module products and related technical services to various industries, including the 5G vehicle module released in April this year, and this year 10 In January, more than 50 wireless network communication companies led by Broadcom in the industry released 5G industrial modules with a price of 999 / piece. Huawei modules have been widely used in notebooks, video surveillance, commercial displays, drones, mobile payments, and even more demanding automotive, industrial routing and other fields, and have provided tens of millions of connected module products for the entire industry. With excellent quality, good service and strong independent innovation, it has formed a reputation among partners and customers.

Based on the open concept of “having friends and a future”, Huawei is committed to expanding its partners more openly and creating a more open cooperation ecosystem, and continues to join more partners to enter the era of the Internet of Everything. We believe that with the continuous acceleration of the 5G commercialization process, based on the cooperation concept of "strong alliance, mutual benefit," Zhibotong Electronics and Huawei's partnership will become closer and jointly contribute to the development of China's 5G industry.