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To improve the Network Environment, You need a WiFi 6 Routei


Latest company news about To improve the Network Environment, You need a WiFi 6 Routei


-Intelligent devices rely on routers, so it is necessary to improve the network environment-



WiFi6 Router

Correct router selection



Nowadays, routers play a very important role in the family. In addition to daily mobile phones, laptops, surfing the Internet, playing games, learning and working through routers, many intelligent devices also rely on routers to work, so it is imperative to improve the network environment.

Now, the newly launched routers are all routers supporting WiFi 6. Compared with the previous generation of WiFi 5 wireless technology, WiFi 6 has significantly improved, with a maximum speed of 9.6Gbps. It has outstanding performance in the number of connected devices, transmission stability and power consumption, becoming the core advantage of future network technology.

What are the specific advantages of WiFi 6 technology? Let's take an inventory.



-Standard features of Wi-Fi 6


The standard features of WiFi 6 include OFDMA, MU-MIMO, 1024-qam and many other parameters. Only with these can WiFi 6 be regarded as "true". Only a part or an edge is nominal WiFi 6, which is often similar to the enhanced version of WiFi 5, but can't enjoy the good effect of real WiFi 6.





OFDMA can divide the wireless channel into several sub channels, and divide the data into smaller resource blocks for management and transmission. Just like car loading, in the wifi5 era, only one piece of goods can be loaded, even if the goods are very small, resulting in a waste of resources can not be controlled. In the wifi6 era, trucks can carry different goods and make full use of space. In addition, multiple terminals in each period depart in parallel without waiting in line, which greatly improves the efficiency. In addition, OFDMA has strong processing ability for multi-path signals, and the terminal will choose sub channels with good wireless performance to transmit power communication, so it also has the characteristics of expanding coverage and improving coverage quality.


MU-MIMO, also known as multi-user, multi out, multi in, is actually the technology of concurrent communication between router and multi terminal. WiFi 5 router has only 4 × 4 MU-MIMO downlink; WiFi 6 can support up to 8 × 8 MU-MIMO, which is why WiFi 5 router always downloads fast and uploads slowly. So when choosing WiFi 6 router, choosing higher uplink and downlink according to your own needs can solve the bandwidth problem of multiple devices accessing at the same time.
Finally, WiFi 6 router supports 160MHz channel bandwidth. With the support of 1024-qam, more information can be transmitted under the same signal, which greatly improves the total data throughput. This is also the reason why WiFi 6 router has higher bandwidth.
Having said so much, I believe you have more knowledge about WiFi 6 technology than before. So interested friends will ask, want to buy a WiFi 6 router how to choose? What should we pay attention to? Let's talk about it in detail.



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-Performance determines network speed


Router can optimize the network, which is mainly reflected in the algorithm and hardware performance of router. The performance of router parameters varies greatly, but for the actual needs of users, the most straightforward indicator is the concurrency rate. If the value is high, the network speed will be smooth and worry free. If the value is too low, the actual network speed will be affected, and the gain is not worth the loss. Zhibotong's Z100, z200, Z600, S600 and other WiFi 6 routers have four core processors with dual frequency Gigabit; High end WiFi 6 products give you the best Internet experience.


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-Optimization of video games


The better the algorithm and the better the hardware performance, the more obvious the optimization effect relative to the network. In fact, many users want a smooth network speed to meet the needs of E-sports games when they buy some high-end routers. After all, no one wants to open a black card at home, but they are scolded by their teammates.
Then we need wifi6 router to do in-depth optimization in electronic games. At present, there are many so-called E-sports routers on the market, but few of them can really achieve in-depth optimization for E-sports games. Zhibotong WiFi 6 router has built-in mobile game e-Competition mode, which helps you become the king after experience.


In addition, many routes have hardware acceleration. For example, zhibotong WiFi 6 router is equipped with dual band + WAN / LAN aggregation port combination to realize Gigabit data stream interaction. No matter which input / output mode, it can easily squeeze all the performance of WiFi 6



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-Full scene application of online class, office and traffic control are equally important


In addition to games, WiFi 6 router also needs to meet the work and study needs of the whole family. In the case of constant network speed, whether the remaining bandwidth can be allocated to the place where it needs. For example, having children online at home; When Dad needs to work online; When mom's chasing the show, etc.


ZBT WiFi 6 Router can solve the above problems through the bandwidth management (QoS) function, allowing users to adjust the network priority according to the use scenarios, and well match the app under different scenarios to achieve network optimization, and achieve superior experience, including games, streaming media, home office, online learning, web browsing, file transmission, etc. The preset mode can be adjusted in real time, which is very convenient.
For example, online learning mode, such as New Oriental, XRS and 51talk, can be directly accelerated. If your mother likes watching videos, you can set the video media mode, such as Tencent video, Bili and so on. Under the office mode, wechat, nailing and Tencent meetings of enterprises have also been accelerated and optimized to realize one key optimization from the function to meet the needs of the whole family.


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Parental control function is also an important indicator of WiFi 6 router purchase. At present, most WiFi 6 routers on the market can control children's online time and equipment in terms of APP function. It is worth mentioning that zhibotong WiFi 6 router can also block the content, such as adults, violence, gambling and so on, so as to realize the point-to-point blockade and ensure the safety of children's Internet access.



5G and WiFi 6 are undoubtedly the hot spots of network technology development in the near future. With the gradual development of technology, consumers see more and more terminal devices using these two technologies in the market. If you want to improve the network environment, you may as well pay attention to it.


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