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The world's first 5G industrial module


Latest company news about The world's first 5G industrial module

Huawei releases the world's first 5G industrial module. As one of the first partners, zhibotong and Huawei jointly open the era of 5G internet of everything!

On October 23, Huawei grandly released the world's first commercial 5G industrial module at the "Huawei 5G and all-scene new product release conference" held at Bantian base in Shenzhen. The first single film Price was 999 yuan, it is the world's first 5G industrial module with a price of less than yuan, which greatly lowers the threshold for 5G to enter thousands of industries. Huawei 5G industrial module is not only the world's first commercial 5G industrial module, but also the first 5g nsa/SA, single-core full-Mode 5G industrial module, the core device is self-controllable. A number of global leading features will quickly promote 5G application innovation. As one of the first partners, Zhitong electronics witnessed the breakthrough moment of 5G development!

At the press conference, Huawei joined hands with the first batch of partners of more than 50 companies to launch the commercial use of 5G industrial modules, triggering thousands of industries to enter the 5G era. The first sale price of Huawei 5G industrial module is 999 yuan/piece, which is the world's first 5G industrial module with less than yuan, and the load-carrying focuses on the new definition of industrial internet of things, ignite the mission of industrial equipment entering the 5G connection era. Huawei also provides technical support and a full set of development documents to help customers quickly integrate and develop 5G applications in all walks of life. At present, many partners have begun to integrate the design and research and development of Huawei 5G industrial module related products, and 5G products will be seen in the market soon.

With the release of Huawei 5G mobile phone, 5g cpe and 5G accompanying WiFi and the release of the first 5G vehicle module (integrated C- V2X) in April 2019, 5G connection has been developed from individual to family, extend to travel. This time, Huawei has expanded 5G to the industrial internet of things interconnected with everything. 5G industrial module is the core component of 5G network connection for industrial products, the use environment is more complex and harsher than consumer products, such as unmanned aerial vehicles in harsh environment, cameras in ice and snow, mining vehicles in remote areas, energy towers exposed to the sun all the time, high-speed cars, smart factories that work for a long time, remote medical treatment with precise control, etc. This requires 5G industrial module to have high speed, low latency, high and low temperature resistance, reliability and stability, high security, sustainable expansion, etc.

This commercial 5G industrial module is originated from Baron 5000 chip, which is specially designed for the industrial environment and has a number of global leading features: the first commercial 5G industrial module in the world is on sale as soon as it is released, industry customers can immediately start the integration of 5G industrial products; the first self-controllable 5G industrial module of core device, the core devices used such as main chip, power management unit, radio frequency and so on are completely self-controllable; the first 5G industrial module that supports NSA/SA dual mode is the first one to support China's 5g sa network construction, helping industry customers flexibly access different 5G networks around the world; the world's first single-core full-Mode 5G industrial module, 2G/3G/4G/5G fully compatible, directly synchronizes the 5G network coverage rhythm, protect customer equipment investment.

Industrial module is short for communication module used in industrial Industry. It is a communication device that realizes data upload and download through cellular communication technology. It is used to carry the end-to-end data interaction from the end to the background server. It is the channel for user data transmission and the core component of the internet of things.

Detonating 5G industrial application requires one of the most important factors: that is the price! Looking back at the development of the NB-IOT, it was the manufacturer that dropped the price of its module to about 20 yuan that detonated the industrial application. For the 5G industrial module, to detonate the industrial application, the price was the key factor. Currently, the 5G industrial module has not formed a pattern of many suppliers. Currently, only a few suppliers have released the 5G module, which is hard to find in the market, some downstream users get 5G module prices ranging from 2000 to 5000 yuan per piece, but they still can't get the spot price, and more of them are just prototype models, which are leased to users for testing. However, Huawei's first 5G industrial module with less than 2588 yuan will definitely detonate the 5G industrial application with its shocking price. Compared with the test samples of 200 and 300-dollars released before the industry, as well as millions of dollars of chip development entry fee in the industry, Huawei's 5G industrial module lowered the price of a single industrial module to 999 yuan (excluding tax and technical support fee ), it is really responsible for carrying 5G applications and redefining the mission of industrial internet of things.
The release of 5G industrial module will greatly accelerate the marketization of 5g cpe, and 5g cpe will undertake the important responsibility. At the same time, all kinds of players will present a state of flourishing. Operators, communication equipment enterprises, router enterprises, computer enterprises, mobile phone enterprises, Internet enterprises, etc. will not miss this rare opportunity.
Many people are unfamiliar with CPE. To put it simply, CPE is Customer Premise Equipment, namely Customer terminal Equipment. 5g cpe is the CPE based on 5G network, aiming to convert 5G signal and Wi-Fi signal into each other, providing consumers with real wireless ultra-optical fiber broadband experience.
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Why 5g cpe will redefine the Internet of Things portal?
The concept of portal follows the logic of Internet traffic portal. In the development stage of the Internet, search engines, content websites, mobile apps and so on are all very large traffic portals, and many large companies are born in different stages respectively. In the development stage of the internet of things, many people have been struggling to find new traffic entrances. In the past few years, Wi-Fi was the position that everyone snatched; in the past two years, smart speaker has become a new position; in the future, whether 5g cpe can carry new traffic entrances, it is worth exploring and innovating.
In the middle and late period of the 4G era, the growth rate of 4G connection quantity exceeds the growth rate of Wi-Fi due to the unlimited traffic charge policy of operators. Judging from the current situation, even if the frequency of using Wi-Fi decreases, it is impossible for smart phones to give up Wi-Fi.
While in the early stage of 5G development, 1st waves of dividends will be harvested by 5G mobile phones.
2nd waves of bonus will cost 5g cpe.
No matter smart phones, tablet computers, laptops, desktops, televisions, vehicle-mounted screens, etc., all or part of them will support Wi-Fi. However, Wi-Fi belongs to LAN communication technology, which must be combined with Wan communication technology in order to give full play to its value.
In the 5G era, under the condition that each terminal has not directly loaded 5G function, if existing products and innovative products want to realize content innovation with the help of 5G network, the burden will fall on 5g cpe.
5g cpe will replace optical fiber
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Families and offices without fiber-optic access can realize broadband Internet access at a lower cost.
Countries or regions with weak broadband foundation can quickly implement high-speed Internet access.
In cities or families with a solid broadband base, operators are the best means to seize competitors' territory.
The Internet content service provider's preemption of entry resources will promote the fast acceptance of consumers.
The reform of social mode and the innovation of integrated media provide abundant imagination space for the interconnection of everything.

On October 25, ZBT learned from insiders of the operators that the three major operators would officially release the 5G package on October 31. On the morning of October 31, 5G commercial launch ceremony will be held at the opening Forum of China International Information and Communication Exhibition in 2019. At present, the number of 5G package reservation users held by the three major operators has exceeded.
In terms of 5G charges, operators expressed their hope to change 4G's billing mode mainly based on single traffic dimension, providing multi-dimension, multi-mode billing, so as to promote the application of 5G in a wider range and more fields in all aspects and realize greater value of 5G.
In terms of 5G network, according to the latest news released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, more than 80 thousand 5G base stations have been opened in our country, and it is estimated that by the end of 2019, more than 130 thousand 5G base stations will be opened nationwide. Mainstream mobile phone brands such as Huawei, ZTE and vivo have launched 5G commercial terminals.
In the future, online and offline will be a network. Internet traffic platforms will appear online and offline. The emergence of Huawei 5G industrial module will detonate the application of 5G industry, promote the traditional industry to complete the "digital butterfly change", and lay a solid foundation for entering the new era of all things Smart Union.
As one of the first global partners of Huawei 5G industrial module, Shenzhen zhibotong Electronics Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest domestic famous manufacturers engaged in the design, research and development and production of wireless Internet of Things communication equipment, focus on OEM and ODM production for major domestic wireless communication brands.
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Over the years, it has successively launched many kinds of products, such as home routing, 4G industrial routing, wireless gateway, AP Bridge, MEMS/GPON, set-top box and so on. Zhibotong electronics advocates openness, cooperation and win-win, and always adhere to the product concept of high quality and high cost performance, providing customers with innovative, open, flexible and safe network equipment and stable, reliable, safe and reliable, sustainable update cloud platform management system services, it is expected to build a healthy and benign industrial ecosystem. Currently, the research and development of ZBT 5g cpe is in the final testing stage, and it is believed that it will be officially released soon. Please stay tuned!
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