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Multi Scenario Application, 4G Wireless Router triple play is your Real Need !

July 5, 2021

---With the progress of science and technology, people's life has undergone earth shaking changes. For example, people in the past were very unfamiliar with the concept of WiFi. They only knew that mobile Internet needs high phone charges, but now it's easy to access the Internet. What we want is a more convenient and simple way to use the Internet.


---Wireless 4G routing is born because of this point. The three networks in one all Netcom module has the convenience of no broadband connection, which makes the application of 4G wireless routing very wide, especially for our daily life, has a role that can not be ignored.




Remote rural areas: broadband is too difficult


The rural network infrastructure is not perfect, and broadband has not yet been popularized. If you go home for two or three days, it's OK. It's like being locked up for several months in case of an epidemic, and the pain of not having broadband will come out. Believe that this year's Spring Festival traffic package did not buy it!
4G wireless router is just needed for this kind of scenario. Zhibotong wg1402 4G wireless router supports three networks in general, and can be shared by up to 32 people. It can also be used by many people at the same time without pulling broadband.


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Rental housing in urban village: I may be on the "fake net"


Some friends who rent a house may go to the second or third tier operators at random to handle some more affordable services, such as the 50 monthly package. The network is used, but the user experience can only be said that angry people are crazy every minute.
This paper briefly introduces the operation mechanism of some urban villages similar to the 50 yuan monthly package. The broadband allocated to the tenants will be used by many people, such as brushing variety shows, playing movies, playing games and watching live broadcast. On average, everyone's network speed is pitiful. Even if they encounter bad routers, they can't find WiFi on the wall. For these young people who rent houses, the sense of experience is very poor.
But the use of zhibotong 4G wireless router, Internet speed, internet signal is better, no longer need to worry about the problem of slow network. There is no need to pull the broadband, the package fee is not high, and the user experience is also good, mainly because of the high flexibility, so it is very popular with users in such scenarios.


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Live with goods: network stuck


Usually, when you use broadband, you may encounter multiple stuck frames, stress playback, picture circulation, and various bugs in the live broadcast process. Within 20 minutes of the beginning, a large number of netizens were directly dissuaded by this terrible impression.
In fact, an excellent live broadcast must have high-quality products and traffic anchor, stable and fast network is the king.
Zhibotong wg1402 4G wireless router adopts ipq4019 scheme, and the 2.4G and 5.8G frequency bands are flexibly allocated to ensure stable data transmission quality and worry free live broadcast.


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Frequent business trip and irregular residence


Because of the nature of their work, one group of people may be involved in frequent business trips, and their residence is not fixed. It's definitely not suitable to use broadband. Using zhibotong 4G router can not only solve the problem of using the network, but also be convenient to carry when changing places. It is undoubtedly a good tool for such people to use the network.





Have you finished the unlimited flow package, and you can't use up the free 4G sub card?


Many users apply for unlimited traffic packages with operators, and will present some 4G cards to their families, who are generally reluctant to change their mobile phone numbers.
How to do, can only idle waste? Smart friends just need to plug this card into the 4G wireless router at this time. It doesn't cost money to put it in their parents' home or second suite, or carry it with them on business trips.
The above just lists some scenarios that need to use 4G router. In daily work and life, 4G router can be applied to more industry scenarios, such as security monitoring, booth exhibition, logistics and transportation, advertising and retail, special counter, company network backup, etc. WiFi can be provided without network cable and card insertion, especially for industrial and security purposes


ZBT 4G wireless routing has industrial product quality, which not only greatly saves the cost and time of network installation, but also ensures the durability in extreme environment.