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In-depth interpretation of mesh router, Zhibotong is the best choice!

June 16, 2020

With the increasing dependence on the Internet, the requirements for wifi network coverage are becoming higher and higher, and the requirements for signal quality are becoming more and more demanding. The wifi network has inherent defects in the face of large apartment coverage, so in order to improve the quality of large apartment wifi coverage, mesh products came into being.

In-depth interpretation of mesh router, Zhibotong is the best choice!

Due to factors such as health and interference, the country has strict requirements for the power of wifi routers, so the signal coverage of single-node wifi routers is limited, and the only way to cover large units is to increase signal nodes.

Early multi-node wifi coverage solutions are generally implemented by the combination of AC+AP in business. The advantage is high stability and good experience. The disadvantage is that high cost requires early wiring; the early home environment is replaced by a wireless relay solution, and the advantage is deployment Convenience and low price, the disadvantage is that you can not roam, the user experience is not good.

In-depth interpretation of mesh router, Zhibotong is the best choice!

Therefore, in order to integrate the advantages and disadvantages of AC+AP and wireless relay, the Mesh solution came into being.

What is mesh?

In a traditional wireless local area network (WLAN), each client accesses the network through a wireless link connected to an AP (Access Point), forming a local BSS (Basic Service Set). If users want to communicate with each other, they must first access a fixed access point (AP). This network structure is called a single-hop network.

In a wireless Mesh network, any wireless device node can act as both an AP and a router. Each node in the network can send and receive signals, and each node can communicate directly with one or more peer nodes.

In-depth interpretation of mesh router, Zhibotong is the best choice!

The biggest advantage of this structure is that if the nearest AP is congested due to excessive traffic, the data can be automatically rerouted to a neighboring node with less communication traffic for transmission. And so on, the data packet can continue to be routed to the next node closest to it according to the situation of the network for transmission until reaching the final destination. This access method is multi-hop access.

In fact, the well-known Internet is a typical example of a Mesh network. For example, when we send an E-mail, the e-mail does not directly reach the recipient's mailbox, but is forwarded from one server to another through the router, and finally arrives at the user's mailbox after multiple routing and forwarding. During the forwarding process, the router generally chooses the most efficient transmission path so that e-mail can reach the user's mailbox as soon as possible.

Compared with the traditional switched network, the wireless Mesh network eliminates the wiring requirements between nodes, but still has the redundancy mechanism and rerouting function provided by the distributed network.

In-depth interpretation of mesh router, Zhibotong is the best choice!

In the wireless Mesh network, if you want to add new equipment, you only need to simply connect the power supply. It can automatically configure itself and determine the best multi-hop transmission path. When adding or moving equipment, the network can automatically discover topology changes and automatically adjust communication routes to obtain the most effective transmission path.