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Latest company news about GPON and EPON
The difference between GPON and EPON in optical networks.

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GPON and EPON have their own advantages. GPON is better than EPON in terms of performance indicators. From the perspective of cost, EPON has advantages. Currently, there are two types of access methods. There are many EPONs in hotels and other places. After all, EPON costs are lower.
GPON and EPON are two typical optical passive networks. They are short-distance optical cables and are mainly used for network transmission in urban areas. The biggest difference between the two is that the download and uplink communication protocols are different. GPON supports multiple rates, supporting uplink and downlink asymmetric rates, 2.5Gbps or 1.25Gbps downstream, and 1.25Gbps or 622Mbps upstream. EPON provides fixed uplink and downlink 1.25Gbps, and the actual rate is 1Gbps. GPON has a larger bandwidth than EPON.
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GPON is a new generation broadband passive optical integrated access standard based on ITU-TG.984.x standard. It has many advantages such as high bandwidth, high efficiency, large coverage and rich user interface. GPON was proposed by the FSAN organization in September 2002. On this basis, ITU-T completed the development of ITU-T G.984.1 and G.984.2 in March 2003, and completed the standardization of G.984.3 in February and June 2004. . Thus, the standard of GPON is finally formed.
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EPON is an Ethernet-based PON technology. It uses a point-to-multipoint architecture, passive optical fiber transmission, and provides multiple services over Ethernet. EPON technology is standardized by the IEEE802.3 EFM working group. In June 2004, the IEEE802.3EFM working group released the EPON standard. In this standard, Ethernet and PON technologies are combined, PON technology is used in the physical layer, Ethernet protocol is used in the data link layer, and Ethernet access is realized by using the PON topology. Therefore, it combines the advantages of PON technology and Ethernet technology: low cost, high bandwidth, scalability, compatibility with existing Ethernet, and easy management.
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For ordinary users, you can see through the label on the back of the light cat that the two light cats are not universal.
The above is the difference between the two optical network transmissions.
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