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5G network is so fast, does the router have no value in the future?


Latest company news about 5G network is so fast, does the router have no value in the future?

5G network is so fast, does the router have no value in the future?


In fact, now we are full of 5g networks, but according to China's 5g network evolution strategy, the overall 5g level and frequency have not reached the theoretical value.
But friends who use 5g network should have experienced its power, and even many people think it is much faster than WiFi in their home. If you don't limit the traffic, you don't want to have WiFi on your mobile phone at home. So some people have raised the question, is it possible to find a router that can be eliminated directly?



1. Current status

At this stage, it is still impossible, because 5g network and home broadband are completely different services and lines. In fact, the role of router is to convert the broadband network in the home into wireless signals that can be used by multiple devices at the same time. The transmitter and password of this signal are set and used by users themselves. But the 5g signal transmitted by the operator can not be used by any computer or equipment.


2. Future trend

Maybe we need to wait for many years. Every smart device or even household appliance around us has a decoder chip and operator's authorization to access 5g network. It is estimated that the so-called Internet of things system will take shape at that time. And the router may really be about to be laid off.
So it's better to look at your TV, computer, refrigerator and washing machine. When they are updated, maybe this day will be closer and closer. So now we should know how difficult it is to realize this kind of theoretical network life. In fact, it's not difficult for us to see from the demonstration videos of many technology companies that when people go home, the curtains close automatically, the family helps them say hello, and the lighting and other equipment can be adjusted to the mode that the owners like at the first time


3. Most dependent hardware devices

That is the router, because the role of the router is a center. One end of the center is connected with users, so that we can customize and adjust various parameters. The other end is connected with various intelligent terminals, so that they can work together and bring people automatic and intelligent sensory experience. At least at this stage, without a router, none of this can be achieved.


4. Change the cognition of 5G network

And you may have a misunderstanding about network speed. In fact, the bandwidth that broadband providers can provide is much larger than you think. This speed has already exceeded the peak of 5g. Just because the user based on cost-effective considerations, and did not open a more expensive Internet environment such as dedicated lines, so mistakenly think that 5g is faster than WiFi. In fact, the theoretical peak value of wired broadband is almost unlimited.


5. 5G and router complement each other

So far or in the foreseeable future, the role of broadband may decline, but it is still indispensable in people's lives. Even if there is no broadband, the role of the router may only be transferred and not easily replaced.
Do you use 5g? How do you feel?



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