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Latest company news about 5G CPE from ZBT
In 2019, it was called the 5G first year. In fact, since the second half of 2018, the world's major operators have begun pilot work. From the domestic news reports, we can see that from the second half of 2018, major events, the Spring Festival Gala, the National People's Congress live broadcast, etc., have announced that they have already announced Use a 5G network. Since the terminals supporting the 5G network have not yet been officially listed, how is the 5G network used? The answer is a 5G CPE device.
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No fiber 5G can also be used for household use
Some people call CPE wireless fiber. As long as they are equipped with Gigabit optical cats and Gigabit routers, 1000M broadband can be easily enjoyed. However, in practice, such ideal conditions are few and far between. In particular, these devices must be equipped, and the average home user does not have this awareness at all. Even some regions are subject to various factors, and even the fiber-optic network is not in place, let alone speed up the Internet.
The emergence of 5G networks seems to have brought about new solutions to solve the problem of fiber-to-the-home. After all, the ultra-high speed of 5G networks has approached or even exceeded the existing home broadband speed. Operators no longer need to pull the fiber to the user, just need to equip the family with a 5G CPE device, which can provide high-speed Internet access services for the family.
Because 5G CPE equipment is equivalent to a 5G router. It converts 5G network signals into WiFi signal transmissions, and the data received by the WiFi network on the other side becomes 5G network signal transmission. In this way, even if our smartphones and laptops do not support 5G networks, we can experience the high-speed network brought by 5G.
5G CPE will affect the house design
On the MWC2019, a 5G CPE device placed next to the window has emerged, which will change the cable design of the original family room. The network cable does not need to be pulled from the weak room, and can be directly entered from the 5G CPE equipment outside the window. Even the brackets for the 5G CPE external equipment will become the standard of the house like the air conditioning bracket.
European and American countries like it very much.
The implementation of the "Broadband China" strategy has greatly improved the Internet access rate in China. Now, first-tier cities can even enjoy Gigabit broadband Internet access. In contrast, high-speed Internet services in Europe and the United States seem to be struggling. Especially in some countries where people are sparsely populated, fiber-optic networks are concentrated only in large cities, and even in the suburbs, there is no fiber-optic broadband.
In remote areas, there is no way to talk about high-speed Internet access. The reason is that European and American countries are operators' dominant optical fiber network construction. Once the cost is too high, the construction progress will be extremely slow or even shelved. According to the relevant practitioners, the cost of building a fiber-optic broadband user in Europe and the United States will cost around RMB 2,000. Such high customer acquisition costs have caused operators a big headache.
After the 5G network is built, the user does not have to pull the fiber. Just put 5G CPE equipment in a good place with 5G signals, it can provide high-speed Internet connection for TV, mobile phone, computer, smart home equipment, etc. in the home.
Microwave +5G CPE fills the digital divide
The combination of 5G and microwave technology will benefit rural areas and remote areas in the mountains. Using microwaves for data transmission, the linear distance in the air can reach 30-50 km, but only if there is no building blockage. Microwaves can be used in rural and remote areas. For example, microwave transmission base stations can be built on the top of two mountains. Villages and towns between the two mountains can receive 5G network signals. Operators can build a small number of base stations and transmit 5G high-speed networks through microwave technology.
Rural and rural households in remote areas only need to install 5G CPE equipment, they can receive the 5G signal transmitted by the base station, so that their families can enjoy high-speed Internet services. In this way, operators do not need to pull the fiber to each household in a remote area, only need to build a 5G microwave base station, combined with 5G CPE equipment to provide high-speed Internet, and close the digital divide.
Chip constraints have fallen behind
Since the 5G CPE equipment is so good, why didn't you listen to European and American countries? In fact, European and American operators are also engaged, but the direction is different. Verzion has launched a 5G router device with Qualcomm 5G chip, which is not yet commercially available. More operators have chosen the development direction of 5G portable routing, and the goal is to provide 5G Internet service for individual users.
In addition, the general 5G routers and 5G portable routers in Europe and the United States use Qualcomm or Intel's 5G chips. At present, the demand for mobile 5G chips is strong, and Qualcomm's current production capacity is difficult to meet. And Huawei's 5G CPE equipment, its 5G chip is Huawei's self-developed Baron 5G chip, its own chip is used in its own equipment, no need to worry about capacity problems, so it can quickly seize the 5G CPE market.
Population intensive does not apply to CPE
There are two places in 5G CPE that are not suitable for use. One is a densely populated area, the other is a densely populated area. The densely populated areas of the high-rise buildings are of course obstructed. The microwaves have no penetrating power. If there are dense places, if there are thousands of people in the conference room. Some people are online, there may be problems with bandwidth, so CPE is not a panacea.
Up to now, the 5G network experience of all major events and exhibition areas is 5G CPE equipment. Demand from foreign markets will continue to maintain high demand. Last time we talked about, 5G CPE equipment is a market of 100 billion yuan, and it seems to be slightly conservative now. 5G CPE equipment is a transformative device for operators and home networking, relying on it for farewell to fiber.

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