When choosing broadband, 40M must be better than 20M?

 Technology     |      2017-03-07 15:30
Select broadband, faced with 40M of broadband and 20M of broadband, I believe that many people will choose 40M of broadband, then 40M broadband speed must be faster than the 20M broadband speed? The answer is no, now, professional router manufacturersZhibotong to give you a reason to analyze why 40M broadband speed is not necessarily faster than the 20M broadband speed fast.

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2.4G band a total of 1-13 channels available, the width of each channel is only 5MHz. In the 20M broadband, each wifi channel has actually occupied four channels. In the 40M broadband, there will be eight channels will be occupied, the inevitable interference, and even 40M broadband speed is not as good as 20M broadband speed stability.