How to solve network delay by setting up the router

 Industry     |      2017-08-30 15:15
Game players play the game is very concern about the internet speed, because internet speed will directly affect the record, in order to solve the problem of speed, many players for the route installed fiber still can not solve the problem of network delay. Now, the professional router OEM manufacturers ZBT will teach you how to set up a router to solve the problem of network latency.

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When we install the router, many users will use the default channel set by the router, all of 13 channels, the default channel between 1-6, which is very easy to cause channel congestion, resulting in wifi instability, then how do you change the router's channel?
1. Enter the wireless router settings interface, find the channel settings in the background.
2. According to the use of the surrounding router channel, select the use of fewer channels.
3. Click to open "open WDS", save it, and finally restart the router is ok.