What are parameters that need to referenced when buy router

 Industry     |      2017-05-02 15:09
Many friends are the router to buy home, set up after the success is no longer notice, but it is carrying all your home network data transfer work, your future network stability, speed and its coverage are from it decided, so we must be careful in the purchase of routers, now, Zhibotong professional router ODM manufacturers give you to introduce what parameters need to refer to what?

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1. Transmission standard
Transmission standards for the speed and network connection plays a decisive role, that is, we often see IEEE 802.11b / g / n / ac, but this is the international standard, representing the network data transfer rate level, from left to right Increase in turn. The most common router on the market is IEEE 802.11N protocol, the highest rate of up to 300M.
2. Antenna gain
Antenna will determine the strength of your router signal, our common misunderstanding is that the more the antenna the better the signal. In fact, the strength of the router signal depends on the antenna gain, the location of the router and the router used by the chip, the market common router antenna gain of 2dBi / 3dBi / 5dBi.
3. Frequency band
Frequency band refers to the operating frequency of the router, that is, wireless transmission rate, the current 2.4GHz band technology is very mature, is currently the most widely used frequency band, it is the most significant feature is strong wall strength, but because the use of too many people Signal congestion, slow speed. 5GHz band in contrast, its transmission rate is very fast, but the disadvantage is the wall is very weak ability.