What are the hot topics in CeBIT?

 Industry     |      2017-03-22 13:03
CeBIT as one of the world's most important ICT event, in the local time on March 20 grand opening, Shenzhen Zhibotong Electronics as early as Friday with a variety of products and excitement to Germany. As a timely understanding of the advanced ICT technology and industry trends in the important exhibition, this year's CeBIT and what not to be missed hot topic?

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As one of the most important hot technologies in today's society, this year's CeBIT show is nothing but the image of the Internet of Things.In this exhibition, participants will see the development of cutting-edge technology on the Internet of Things, including the application and solutions of the Internet of Things, as well as intelligent home and intelligent city, aviation, logistics and so on.

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This year's CeBIT show will show manufacturers how to use 5G key technology to achieve data transmission between the cloud and the car, as well as VR display and other cutting-edge technology. At the same time, there will be for 5G and NFV may lead to data center changes and so on.

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3. Artificial intelligence
To say hot topics of course, ultimately, artificial intelligence, automated investment will greatly improve the efficiency of artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence investment will greatly reform the future of the technical landscape.

4. UAV
CeBIT has long been committed to contact the field of unmanned aerial vehicles with innovative developers, to the best unmanned aerial vehicle technology and
UAV system show to attendees.

At this year's CeBIT show will see a lot of VR-related topics, there will be more than 300 kinds of VR products on display.